dogs-447067_640Family Veterinary Hospital, PC is pleased to have teamed up with Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Vrnda Bailey from Watch My Wag, LLC to provide Behavior Treatment and Services. We provide help to families whose pets are suffering from phobias, fears, anxiety, aggression, compulsive disorders, excessive barking inappropriate elimination, destructive behaviors, and more. Our goal is to change your pet’s behavior through compassionate, comprehensive care, thereby improving the relationship between your pet and your family. While training may temporarily inhibit a pet’s problem behavior, we seek to change how your pet perceives their world and reduce or eliminate the underlying cause of the problem.

The initial Behavior Consultation is $125 and includes the following:

  • Analysis of Behavior Assessment Questionnaire
  • Analysis of Medical History
  • Medical Exam by Dr. Meghan
  • Joint Behavior Assessment with Vrnda and Dr. Meghan
  • Development of Individual Treatment Plan
  • 2 Week Progress Exam with Vrnda
  • 4 Week Progress Exam with Dr. Meghan
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support with both Dr. Meghan and Vrnda

Please forward your pet’s medical history if not a current patient, along with the completed Behavior Questionnaire, at least 3 days prior to your pet’s appointment.

Fill out the online Behavioral Constulation Form Here

Download the Behavioral Consultation form Here.