Perfect for new puppy owners
Right Start Puppy Program
Congratulations on your new family member!  We understand that taking on a new puppy is a lot of responsibility, and you want to do everything right, from the start.  We developed the Right Start Program to make it easy for you to protect your puppy from contagious diseases and parasites, to help her grow into a confident, well-behaved dog, get all the care she needs in the comfort of your own home.  Your personal pet care team will guide you into giving your puppy a long, happy, healthy life.

Here's what you get with the 
Right Start Puppy Program

  • ​This expertly individually-tailored complete vaccine series is your key to protecting your puppy from serious contagious diseases.
  • ​Avoid thousands of dollars in veterinary bills by preventing just one of diseases we vaccinate against.
  • ​Rest assured knowing your puppy is completely vaccinated, never over-vaccinated, and safe from disease.
  • ​Avoid common mistakes new owners make in all aspects of puppy care.
  • ​Address your puppy's physical, behavioral, nutritional, and environmental health with guidance from your personal pet care team.
  • ​This examination and consultation series ensures your puppy is growing up happy and healthy.
  • Certified Fear Free vets and techs provide vet care in ways that your puppy will actually enjoy!
  • ​Veterinary care as easy and convenient as opening the front door.
  • ​Be your puppy's hero by keeping her happy and healthy for a long long time.
Act Now and get these incredible bonuses
  • ​This complete parasite prevention medications makes it simple to keep nasty bugs from infecting your puppy, your family, and your home.
  • ​Protect your puppy and your family from flea and tick born disease for 1 year.
  • ​Enjoy your puppy without worrying about what bugs she may be harboring.
  • ​Free home delivery.
  • Text and email reminders so you never forget to give your puppy the medication.
  • ​This in home training program makes it simple to train your puppy the right way with Positive Reinforcement.
  • ​Avoid behavioral problems down the road and addressing any issues early, before they become serious.  
  • ​Work with a professional trainer to teach your dog basic commands and manners.
  • ​Have a happy, confident, and well-behaved family dog.
  • Pre-anesthetic lab work, best anesthesia protocols available, experienced surgeon and registered veterinary technicians, and the right timing ensure your puppy's spay/neuter surgery is safest.
  • ​Avoid unwanted litters, future health problems, and some behavioral issues.
  • ​Be a responsible pet owner.
" Vet ever"
Thank you Dr. Ellis for taking such good care of Patches (Patty-Cake) during her surgery. You are truly the best Vet ever.
-Sue U.
"...just a delight to deal with!"
Doctor Meghan has help our family out several times and is a very good vet and just a delight to deal with. Having her come to the house is a super plus especially for a cat who hates the carrier. I can’t say enough nice things about her services..
-Michael R.
"...always been very sensitive to her needs!"
Our coya is afraid of the doctors and especially the moving tables in the clinic. She is wary of strangers too. Dr. Meghan has always been very sensitive to her needs and makes her feel comfortable ( as much as she will with a doctor) I trust them to take care of her in the best way.
-Abril C.
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Dr. Meghan and Chelsea
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