Your Sanford Team

Meghan Ellis, DVM

I graduated from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine with a concentration in Zoological Medicine in 2008, after having been a vet assistant for 12 years.  I've been in private small animal and exotic animal practice ever since then, and I love it.  

My favorite part of being a vet is that every day I get to surround myself with the best kinds of people in the world- animal lovers!  Yes, I'm one of the few weird vets who actually likes people too.  Not enough to doctor them though LOL.  

Going mobile has been the best decision I've made.  We can do so much for our patients in the comfort of their home.  And it allows me to focus on what I love best- preventive care, keeping pets from getting sick in the first place, and chronic disease management- helping those with incurable illnesses live longer, better, happier lives.  


I am a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, I am a Certified Fear Free Level 3 Practitioner, and I am a member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.  

Chelsea Seguine, RVT

I’ve had a passion for animals and knew I wanted to work with them since I was 4 years old. I have worked in veterinary medicine since high school. After working at PetSmart, I’ve been a veterinary assistant/technician for about 18 years. I moved to NC from NJ in 2010 to pursue my career and goal of tech school. I graduated from Gaston College Vet Med program in 2013 and have been a registered vet tech since 2014.  I have a dog named Bear and we enjoy hiking & camping. I enjoy volunteering for a church organization and visiting NC State Parks.

I am a Certified Fear Free RVT.  

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